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KC will try again

Last year, voters in five counties across Missouri and Kansas rejected a funding proposal to renovate stadiums for the Chiefs and Royals. Only Jackson County approved a quarter-cent sales tax to fund the renovations.

This time the voting and the tax will be limited to Jackson County, with the rate set at three-eighth's. The tax will fund $425m of improvements, with the teams putting up $100m plus cost over-runs. The $100m from the teams is more than in the last go-round, and cost-over-runs are typically non-trivial. So the teams are ratcheting up their exposure a bit, which is normal; this is how the game is played. Will this be enough to sway the voters? We'll find out if the referendum goes ahead as planned on April 4.

These facts and more can be found in this story. But don't miss Joe Posnanski's informed and funny take, which includes details like how much will be spent on a "Hall of Fame and Team Store" for the Chiefs -- $40m.