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Kraft interested in Liverpool?

According to this Telegraph report, the Patriots' owner is knocking on the doors at Anfield, but getting a chilly reception. The Brits seem mighty sensitive about American ownership. Witness the downright hostile and threatening response - nooses in the stands - to Malcolm Glazer's flirtation with Manchester United.

I don't blame the Brits, by the way. NFL ownership in the premier league makes reorganization according to the American monopoly model more likely. It is quite clear by now what the consequences are: subsidies please, or we're leaving town.

Glazer, by the way, has demonstrated the nerve to take this ploy to new lows. From Nick Louth at MSN Money:

Manchester, prepare! Glazer goes for the jugular. When he offered to buy the Buccaneers, he promised the Tampa authorities he would go halves on a new stadium with them. After getting control, he backed out of the deal, and gave Tampa two years to build it themselves or he would move the team to a city that would. Tampa caved in, and city taxpayers are still paying a half cent sales tax to fund the stadium’s construction.

I have no love for United or Liverpool, but I'm with their fans on this one. Keep American ownership out of English football!

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