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Life in Krzyzewskiville

Ticket scalping is apparently an offense, and the punishment is exile:

A Duke University economics major was testing the law of supply and demand when he thought about accepting $3,000 for a courtside ticket to Saturday night's Duke-Carolina men's basketball game.

But instead, Tristan Patterson, a freshman from Raleigh, got a lesson in the value of tradition.

Fellow students evicted him from Krzyzewskiville, the tent village that sprouts every year outside Cameron Indoor Stadium as students wait for tickets to The Game.

Patterson had lived in Tent 16 with 11 other students since Jan. 9, staking claim to a close-up view of one of college sports' biggest rivalries.

Then, a week ago, another village dweller noticed an ad on Craigslist, an online flea market. The person who posted the ad was looking for someone who could pass as a student and would pay big bucks to see the game from the Duke student section.

The buyer also would get a wristband and ID, extras that presumably would make the package legal under the state's law against scalping tickets.

Patterson says he was trying to find out whether a seat in the student section would sell for more than a seat in the upper arena.

But he got stung.

Jeff Kovacs, a former Cameron usher, posed as "Tim" and responded to the Craigslist offer. The two settled on a price.

"At that point, I never committed myself to selling the ticket," Patterson said. "I'm not sure what I would have done. Three thousand dollars is a lot of money for a college student."

I'm pretty sure what I would have done. Three grand is a lot of money for a college prefessor too.