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Lightning strikes twice for Pistons owner

Two weeks, two titles, for Bill Davidson, who owns the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Detroit Pistons. Not too shabby! Judging by this story, Davidson is a sportsman and businessman with an eye on the long term:

[The Pistons] only raised playoff prices by $5, while some raise them tenfold or more.

"What we wanted to do is take that out of the equation, we want to have them come back (next year)," Wilson said. "(Fans) spend a whole year following the team, and, for sports fans, this is their life, and to get to the Finals, and you can't afford it? We have a lot of blue collar fans and you're going to hit them for $400 or $500? We would certainly like to avoid putting people in that position."

While price rollbacks and restraint on ticket price increases may seem foolish in business terms, Wilson, who's been with the organization 26 years, said it's foolish if you're thinking short term, but not if you have a long-term perspective as he and his teams do.

"We're bringing fans in and growing our fan base," Wilson said, noting a 26-year tenure in professional sports, in any capacity, is rare. But, he added, it gives him perspective and allows him to think past tomorrow.

"(The fans) are young, but in five years they'll be a little older, have more money and want better seats. We're investing in our future, and these will be loyal fans."

Congratulations to the Pistons!