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Lilliputians on the warpath?

The task of mammoth sporting organizations like the NCAA, which attempts to govern athletics at places with interests as distinct as Michigan and MIT, and England's Football Association, which must deal with both the Manchester Uniteds and Accrington Stanleys, can be hopeless at times. The interest of monied institutions and small sporting clubs are often at odds. This story in today's Telegraph reflects those tensions. It reports that 1/2 the clubs outside the Premier League want the FA to be replaced by a government regulator.

Alan Keen, MP, chairman of the football group, said it was worrying that 40 per cent of the clubs surveyed were worried about their financial futures.

He called on the FA to listen to the views of the smaller clubs and take action before they face going out of business.

The article suggests that Mr. Keen would like to place shackles on the Premiership. He'd make a fine Lilliputian, don't you think?

The Telegraph piece is worth reading if you are interested in governance problems in sport.