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Mark Cuban on officials... and stocks

Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks, and now, a weblog! In this post, he calls on basketball officials to tighten up their act, and call plays by the book. No late game "let 'em play" stuff, no rookie treatment, etc. I'll buy that. He throw's in his two cents on Shaq too:

Why is it that everyone says that Shaq is so hard to officiate? Just because he is big and when guys hammer him they don’t impact his shot, doesn’t make it not a foul. On the flipside, if he lowers his shoulder or powers through someone, its a foul. The big guy should probably go to the foul line and foul out three times as often as he does.

Cuban's got an opinion - make that quite a few opinions - and I'm glad he's letting us hear them directly. Bringin' the game to the people!

Now, one of Cuban's posts states that "I think the stock market is closer to a Ponzi Scheme or chain letter than it is an efficient market." My question to Mark is, if you believe this, do you suggest we avoid stocks and stick our wealth back in CDs and T-Bills? History says no. See Jeremy Siegel's book, Stocks for the Long Run for the data and a well-reasoned argument. I'll be interested in what Cuban says on this topic (he's promised a discussion in a future post), but I'm not likely to be persuaded.