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Marketing at The Masters

The members are not in hot pursuit of revenue at Augusta this week, but golf's sponsors are making the most of it. Witness two interesting facts from today's Times. First, a unique promotion on Callaway drivers in Europe: "If Phil wins, you win."

[F]for the 13 days before the start of the Masters, punters in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France and Sweden who bought a Big Bertha Titanium 454 driver were informed that if Mickelson wins this week, they would get their money back. Sales in the UK went up by 500 per cent.

If he loses, I'll bet we see a few clubs returned next week. Regardless, go Phil!

John Daly is also in business this week. Many will recall that he was once sponsored by Callaway, with a contractual clause that he remain sober. Daley's latest gig shows he's had enough of that. It's with Hooters, and among other goodies, it provides Daly "an unlimited lifetime supply of Hooters food and beer."

Daly is quite a character - an episode with "Big John" is one of the more memorable chapter's in Rick Reilly's laugh-a-minute Who's Your Caddy. It's worth the price of the book, as is Reilly's account of a round with Deepak Chopra. All is not peace and tranquility on the fairway with Deepak! Great stuff.