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Monet Madness

In Raleigh this week, the toughest ticket in town is not to see the #1 Tar Heels, but rather, the traveling exhibition "Monet in Normandy."

The N.C. Museum of Art has oh-so-sold-out the "Monet in Normandy" exhibit, which closes Sunday. Since the sellout over the weekend, desperate ticket seekers have offered lower-level Carolina Hurricanes seats, hand-knit items and, yes, tickets for the No. 1 Heels in exchange for passes to see the 50 paintings by impressionist master Claude Monet.

Robin Parrish, 30, of Raleigh bartered two $75 tickets to a Canes game against the Washington Capitals for a pair of $15 tickets for Monet.

As usual, exchange via barter allows for a legal transaction, whereas the payment of $75 for a Monet ticket would be illegal under anti-scalping laws. The Museum has sold about 225,000 tickets to see the exhibit, which closes this week before moving to Cleveland.