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My Boss on a Division I Playoff

I work for James F. Barker, a Clemson Tiger and a great American. Jim also chairs the NCAA Division I Board of Directors. Here is a snip from a recent interview, and his thoughts on a college playoff:

According to Barker, the board fears a move to playoffs would diminish the regular season. To illustrate the reluctance, the Clemson president offered up a contrasting assessment.

"When the Patriots played the Colts about three-quarters of the way through the professional football season, Tom Brady was quoted as saying, ‘Yeah, but it doesn’t mean anything. The only thing that means anything is the playoffs.’ You would never say that about a college football game," Barker said.

...Barker is often besieged with suggestions for playoff formats. Although fans continue to demand a playoff grid, his stance remains steadfast.

"Presidents ought to determine what the NCAA is doing. Not sports writers, not coaches, not athletic directors. And thank goodness it does because there was a time in the NCAA when that was not the case," Barker said. "I’m not closed-minded to say that this will not evolve and change. I think it probably will. But at this moment and for the foreseeable future what we have is what we’ll keep. It’s certainly not lowered the visibility of college football."

You can read the whole thing here. The story also has a lengthy audio clip on a wide range of issues that a university president must face. If by chance you harbor an inclination for such a job, go ahead and listen closely. It just might cure you.