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NBA talent drain?

From Angus:

NBA players are starting to go (or go back) to European pro leagues. Well it's not too surprising really as it's just another example of how the weaker dollar spurs US exports. ...

[T]he most significant development is that Josh Childress is allegedly on the point of signing a pretty nice contract with a Greek team. Childress is a restricted free agent with the Hawks, but can sign with a foreign team without restrictions.

Two comments. First, global demand is a threat to the sorts of labor market restrictions we've grown accustomed in pro sports. Childress may just be using a Greek offer to keep the Hawks hones, but a credible threat has the same effect of weakening the impact of the restriction as would him leaving the NBA. Second, I'd like to see basketball give European soccer a run for the money (and drain some talent from that pool). A meaningful world championship in basketball -- one that US pros took seriously -- would be very cool.