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Notes for the record

The LA Times has a report on Barbaro's condition, with pictures of the horse in his sling (which keeps weight off his hind legs to battle the laminitis), and walking with Dr. Richardson. Given his owner's resources and the willingness of both Barbaro and the Bolton Clinic to do the treatments, he has a chance to make it, however small. I can't imagine what the bill will ultimately be.

From Italy comes the verdict in the soccer scandal, and the bizarro quote of the day. For those in the dark on this rather important event (equivalent to suspending the Yankees from MLB for a year or more), Gabrielle Marcotti provides a list of the scandal's FAQ.

The verdict penalizes several clubs, including Italian giant Juventus, by relegating them from Italy's top soccer division (Serie A) down a peg to Serie B, and handicapping them with a points deduction next year. The penalties:

Juventus Relegated to Serie B. Must start next season with a 30-point deficit. Stripped of last two league titles

Fiorentina Relegated to Serie B with a 12-point deficit

Lazio Relegated to Serie B with seven-point deficit

Milan Begin next season in Serie A with a 15-point deficit. Docked 44 points from last season's total

Martin Penner provides the quote, from Juventus' new president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli: "I am not angry. The correct term, as a fan and as someone from Juventus, is pissed off." Ok then, Signor Gigli. Can anyone help me with the distinction?

Penner also lists the direct economic implications:

Juventus will suffer a 50 per cent drop in annual revenue from about £151 million to £75 million

TV rights for Serie B were £14 million last season. The deal is negotiated collectively, rather than individually as in Serie A, a potential bonus for smaller clubs. Juve's deal was for £66 million last season

The Juventus share price has more than halved since the scandal broke, while Lazio and Fiorentina have experienced a similar drop

AC Milan will lose up to £19 million from TV rights and in bonuses from being denied a place in the Champions League

Juventus are likely to be out of the Champions League for at least three years, losing about £30 million in television income

Some of these losses are transfers, as Chievo and Palermo have now received tickets to the Champions League. But Chievo and Palermo are not likely to go far. As Marcotti noted, the absence of Milan and Juve will make it easier for English clubs to progress through the Champions League draw, and they may thus be indirect beneficiaries of the decision.

Addendum: This story by John Hooper is particularly informative on the Italian scandal.