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Notes on the End of Bowl Season

The Finale: Its been a messy way to name a champion, but no team deserves it more than Florida. The BCS Championship produced a very good game last night between two fine teams, with the result in doubt until Florida's final touchdown. The game was marred by king-of-the-hill smash and smack antics from both sides (I also give the edge to Florida on this score card, although the penalties probably invert that impression in typical ACC-ref fashion), and the exposure of Tim Tebow as a saint of the ugly variety. Nothing to see there, move along ladies and gentlemen.

Constrained Bloviation: In "Rules for next year's BCS critics", Steve Lopresti makes the case that if you don't like the BCS system, that's fine, but unless you have a workable solution, well, stfu. An excellent and entertaining exposure of the hypocrisy, not of the BCS, but of the critics, from coaches to congressmen to us all.

The Numbers: The AJC reports cost and revenue figures for the Peach Chick-fil-A Bowl, one of the most successful of the non-BCS bowl games. The figures are taken from forms filed with the IRS. These are one year old, from an economy long gone, but still provide useful food for thought (and student papers).

The Numbers, part II: Western Washington's Division II program was successfully rebuilding, and made it to a bowl game this season.*** Sadly, the program is no more. My guess is that there will be a small wave of these as cash-strapped schools deal with the recession.

***Have the critics taken a swing at these lower level bowls?. How many Division II Bowl games are there anyway?