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On sports and the economy

Ownership structure in Japan is changing, as corporations continue to abandon the wholly owned subsidiary model of a sports club.

Royal Bank of Scotland, now a ward of the British government, has 200 million pounds of outstanding sports sponsorships, including a commitment made just last month to sponsor the Six Nations Rugby Tournament through 2013. I wonder what Chris Dodd would have to say about that, if RBS were an American Company?

Staying in Connecticut, the reporter who challenged UCONN coach Jim Calhoun about his salary explains himself here. He thinks the governor should get paid more than the basketball coach in his state. It's fine with me if he wants to waste Connecticut's taxpayer money on the governor.

Cost-cutting in F1.

Cost-cutting in Vermont, where the university is scrapping the baseball program.

A pitcher in the Marlins' organization gives an educated take on countercyclical policy. Burke Badenhop graduated from Bowling Green with a degree in Economics, earning a 3.94 GPA. He'll probably keep mum about the following quote, from Professor Tim Fuerst: "One issue was whether it makes sense to use state money for new stadiums, and I remember Burke was skeptical about using public money,'' Fuerst said with a laugh. "You better not tell that to his employers!''