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On the optimal number of co-bloggers

Here is Ben Muse, remarking on the addition of co-bloggers to The Sports Economist:

Additional contributors add value for readers by increasing variety and limiting the potential for long gaps in posting. Co-contributors also reduce the burden on individual bloggers.

I find, as a reader, that there are limits to the benefits from more contributors. I tend to value the personality of the bloggers, expressed through the organization and layout of the blog, the choice of topics, and references in passing to the blogger's activities and interests.

There is always a tradeoff, and the tradeoff Ben describes is one that I've considered carefully. Diversity and variety are good things, but in asking Brian, John, and Phil to contribute to the blog, I deliberately chose economists who would maintain the character of The Sports Economist while expanding its voice.

Ben also states that "Sauer has chosen well, and a good thing is going to get even better." That's my hope. We'll see what a stable of four observers of the sports world, all with economics embedded in their bones, can do with this thing. I'm looking forward to the ride.