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One judge, over the top

Georgia Tech defensive back Reuben Houston is facing a felony charge. The school fumbled for a bit, but ultimately did not pull his scholarship, while suspending him from the team. Given that a football team is in many ways the public face of a University, Tech's decision makes sense: parading players with felony charges across TV screens is bad publicity.

But Fulton County Judge Gino Brogdon has just ordered Georgia Tech to reinstate the player, apparently under some form of an equal treatment theory. Tech's handling of the case, according to Brogdon, "was arbitrary and strikingly dissimilar to the school's treatment of other similarly situated athletes who have been accused of breaking the law."

Tech AD Dave Braine is beside himself, and who can blame him: "I don't know how you can read into that because we've never had a felony charge before. How it could be uneven, I don't know."

Even if Tech had made mistakes in handling prior cases, judicial scrutiny of college player suspensions seems a bit over the top, don't you think?