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One more try

I'm off on a boat for two days, attempting to catch a cobia before they leave the inshore waters of South Carolina for the summer. This guy was bitten by the boat bug rather badly. The result is a colorful story with riffs on buyer's remorse and the perils of surfing on Ebay.

This time of year tends to bring to mind memories of Summer Camp and of lazing in the warm sunshine listening to the gentle slap of the river against the bottom of a boat. In my daydreams, I am back on the river, back in a boat, enjoying the company of good friends and cool beverages.

Now, I'm not the type to daydream anything half-way. I need to feed my daydream. I need to make it a little more concrete and detailed. I need a specific boat to include in my little mental painting. This leads me to eBay, the site where daydreams become reality.

Heh. It's quite a tale. Anyway, I hope reality has a nice fish on the line for me this week. I'll be back for the big race.