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Point and scoot -- vacation edition

One for Hootie

When a good man is vilified by the press, antidotes can be quite useful. Hootie Johnson was savaged by the press last year during his war of words with Martha Burke. The press acted like grade school kids on a playground in this episode. Eric McErlain provided a correction in his hall of fame post "In defense of Hootie Johnson."

Don't you understand what a contract is? A player collects a $3m signing bonus, with $2m deferred. Both are subject to forfeit if the player is judged to have committed conduct detrimental to the team. I think I'd be a team player if I had $5m at risk. Wouldn't you? For an example of idoitic behavior, check this out.

The forfeit clause makes sense in this context as well. Players are part of a team, and teams don't perform to their potential when selfishness is the order of the day. You see it every year in the NCAA tournament when well-schooled underdogs knock off the big dogs. Good luck by the way, to Andy Reid and the Eagles. Via Greg Skidmore's Sports Law Blog.

A picture is worth a thousand words

A puzzle, "Why are pitchers hitting more batters?" from JC at Old Fishing Hat.

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Here in Vegas, the March Madness action is fast and furious, and every game's outcome - line adjusted that is - hangs in the balance to the buzzer. Even Duke (minus 34) - Alabama State! See you Monday.