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Putting the cart before the horse

In the WSJ, Thaddeus Herrick writes about cities that are building arenas, even though they lack a team to play in them.

Complete with a glass exterior and terrazzo floors, the $276 million Sprint Center is scheduled to open next year in this city's downtown.

The 18,000-seat arena is designed to help anchor a massive project that includes nine blocks of retail, residential and office space that local officials say will revive Kansas City's faltering central business district. Already, there's a waiting list for luxury suites. "It was what we needed to do," said Wayne Cauthen, Kansas City's city manager.

There's just one problem: Kansas City has no major-league team to play there. The city is hoping for a National Hockey League team, but so far it doesn't even have a minor-league tenant for its new venue.

Amazing. It should come as no surprise that such projects operate at a loss. RTWT.