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Quote of the day

Gary Williams, on today's basketball players:

The toughest thing about being a coach these days is going from recruiting mode to coaching mode.... You spend two years telling a kid how great he is, how he's all this and all that. Then, on the first day of practice, you have to tell him he can't play defense, he needs to learn to give the ball up and he doesn't play hard enough. It doesn't usually go over very well.

This is taken from John Feinstein's article in today's Washington Post, "Not as Good, and Yet, Better Than Ever." Feinstein makes the argument Brian did earlier, that the tournament is more competitive because the distribution of talent in college has changed. Coach K agrees, at least implicitly:

In 1999, Duke arrived at the Final Four with the same record Illinois currently has: 36-1. Everyone anointed those Blue Devils as one of the great teams in history. Mike Krzyzewski laughed at the notion.

"Are you kidding?" he said. "My 1986 [NCAA runner-up] team would kill this team. That team had four seniors and a junior starting. This one starts one senior and four of our top six are freshmen and sophomores. Now, if they all stayed, maybe they'd become great. But they aren't going to."

Good stuff, as usual, from Feinstein.