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Roger Maris, 61*

If haven't seen it, or you went by the Sports Law Blog or Baseball Musings yesterday but didn't follow their link to Alan Barra's article on Roger Maris' asterisk, here's another chance. My favorite bit, as befits my sense of humor:

Scarcely anyone noticed Frick's statement. Ironically, the opposite happened: The title of his book simply confirmed the asterisk in most people's minds. It's possible the asterisk idea would have died a natural death if not for Commissioner Vincent, who announced in 1991 that he was behind the "single-record thesis" and ordered baseball's committee on statistical accuracy to remove the asterisk from Maris's record. And so, one commissioner of baseball came out in favor of removing an imaginary asterisk supposedly put there by a previous commissioner, who had no authority to place it in an official record that in any case didn't exist.

It's really must reading for anyone with an appreciation of baseball, history, or the origins of myth. Great story.