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"Rushing the passer"

From the Fort Worth Weekly, a nice article by Dan McGraw on the rush to put the Cowboys' stadium "proposal" on the ballot in Arlington.

Despite all these no-hurry factors, Jones insisted that this issue be put on the Nov. 2 ballot. There are many issues at play: polling numbers that favor a general election with high turnout, national trends that show local governments aren’t as enthusiastic about stadiums as they once were, and some important court cases on the docket that may affect future stadium developments.

According to several sources involved in the negotiations between the Cowboys and several local governments about potential locations for a new stadium, Jones has made a fall election a non-negotiable demand.

....Those who study voter turnouts know that national elections draw many more of these less-savvy voters than local elections. Polls paid for by the Cowboys, sources said, made it clear that if a stadium issue went before voters in a special election — where turnout is low and anti-tax older people still get out and vote — the issue could lose big time. In short, Jones’ advisors have told him that if the issue doesn’t get on some ballot during this presidential election, it might be years before it could pass.

Let me restate that slightly: the less informed the voting pool, the better, for the likes of Jerry Jones.