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Sandomir on the Rangers vs. NHL Lawsuit

We previously discussed the NY Rangers antitrust suit against the NHL, demanding that they be able to run a website independent of the other 29 teams. Like MLB and the NFL, the NHL has moved to a "unitized" internet business model. Here is NY Times sports media beat writer Richard Sandomir's take on the suit:

The rhetoric of the Rangers, and their parent, Madison Square Garden, features phrases like "unrestricted power," "illegal cartel," "seizure," "crackdown" and "blatant expropriation of team assets."

There is a Marxist twist to this. Not Karl, but Groucho. The Rangers could well have cited in their legal papers the far funnier Marx, who once said, "I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me for a member."

Sandomir has some useful facts and analysis as well. Recommended.