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Scott Boras

Jack Curry has an interesting profile of agent Scott Boras in today's New York Times.

It's neither a slam piece nor a puff job; it's more of a subtle description, one where the reader is left to ponder the facts and make up his own mind.

Here's an economist's interpretation. Boras does two things exceptionally well. First, he knows the numbers, and where his clients fit in the marketplace. In fact, Boras appears to be something of a maniac for information. His pager receives performance updates on his clients every thirty minutes, and summaries on his desk await his arrival each morning. The fancy notebooks he complies for teams interested in his clients are apparently ignored by them - "I'm not going to sign a guy because of something that was in a book" - but they are a signal that Boras is meticulously informed about his client's productivity relative to the market.

Second, Boras is a patient negotiator. This is an enormously valuable trait in a market where owners and GMs can act like kids in a candy store. Some dislike Boras intensely for taking full advantage of the market and its excesses, but it appears to me that the man does a damn good job. Unfortunately, that probably means that the Astros have seen the last of Carlos Beltran.