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Selig strikes again

Leave it to MLB to emerge from Hurricane Frances squabbling about fines and forfeits, due to the tardy arrival of the Devil Rays for Monday's doubleheader in New York. The Yankees' Brian Cashman wants retribution: "We were told by baseball that they were ordered up here and will be dealt with harshly."

If you take Cashman at his word, the blame for this fiasco rests with commissioner's office. Nice going Bud! Negative publicity seems to be the guiding principle Selig's stewardship.

The player's union may have played a role as well. Here's Gene Orza:

"Rocco Baldelli called me last week about it," Gene Orza, the union's chief operating officer, said in reference to the Devil Rays' outfielder. "I told them not to go to New York before the hurricane hit and their families were secure. Then they had an obligation to make a reasonable effort to get here in time."

That makes sense to me. But it's not consistent with the Devil Rays being "ordered up here." Cashman may be lying, but more likely, the commissioner's office mis-managed the situation. Place your bets!

Footnote: Blogger burped on this post when I composed it in my Mozilla Firefox browser, and would never successfully publish it. So this is a day and a half late getting here.....