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Selling the Braves

Interesting tidbit: Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg's son Steve is a managing director of the investment bank Allen & Co. Steve is fielding offers for the Atlanta Braves, and indicates there are plenty of interested bidders at this stage. He mentions these reasons why an MLB franchise looks pretty good at this time:

"No. 1, record attendance two years running. No. 2, a big uptick in national televison [revenue] in the recently signed ESPN deal, a 50 percent increase over the prior deal. No. 3, the most vibrant Internet property in sports. No. 4, labor peace for the longest period of time that baseball has known. And No. 5, changes in the economic system . . . which just make for healthier teams."

I'll buy that, with one caveat. If the new system - greater revenue sharing, luxury tax - and enhanced league revenue is making teams healthier, lets not hear excuses from the likes of the Royals and Tigers about economics keeping them from putting a viable team on the field.