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Some data on Glendale's Super Bowl

Super Bowl wasn't a windfall
Glendale spent more on game than it made

Carrie Watters
The Arizona Republic
May. 12, 2008 12:00 AM
Glendale did not recoup what it spent to host Super Bowl XLII, according to a new study that showed out-of-towners here for the game added an estimated $1.2 million to the city's tax coffers.

The city laid out $3.4 million preparing for and hosting the Feb. 3 game.

Bottom line: The city spent $2.2 million more than its estimated take in connection with the game.

That deficit could be lessened by NFL spending or local visitors' spending, which were not part of the study by Scottsdale-based Elliott D. Pollack & Company.

City leaders have long said they did not anticipate that the city would immediately recoup its expenditures.

"You can look at it from getting the actual dollar back," Councilman David Goulet said. "But I think there is a bigger picture to look at than just the pure law of numbers."

He foresees a return on the investment over time as the game bolstered the city's image as a destination.

In two weeks leading up to the game, the city was mentioned in more than 5,000 broadcast stories, a publicity value that Cision, a media-monitoring company, pegs at nearly $27 million.

Worth what to whom? There is no way in hell that the citizens of Glendale would view $27 million of broadcast spending as an investment with positive returns.

There's much more in the story, including economic impact projections which might, if true, be worth cheering about. But the comment section suggests there are plenty of skeptical readers.

Thanks to Brent Stoddard for the link.