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Some good news, and a puzzler

First, the good news:

--Sacramento's representative to the California assembly, Dave Jones, describes why he will vote against the measure to spend $500 million plus on an arena for the Maloof brothers. Mr. Jones is a politician who deserves kudos for telling it straight. Bravo!

--In the NY Times, Ira Berkow has a nice story on Ray Ray McElrathbey's case. The NCAA will allow people to "be human", as Clemson coach Vic Koenning says, and assist Ray Ray in giving his brother a shot a better life.

The puzzler: The Islanders and goalie Rick Di Pietro have signed a 15 year, $67.5 million contract. The word "guaranteed" is not mentioned in the stories I've read. Surely there is some clause limiting the team's liability here. Anyone know?