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Sports and Econtalk

Not long ago I did my second Econtalk podcast (on the Moneyball hypothesis) with Russ Roberts of George Mason. At the time, Russ told me that our first discussion was quite popular, ranking second behind his August podcast with Milton Friedman. Wow! These were certainly entertaining conversations to take part in, and I hope you visit Econtalk to have a listen. I imagine many of you might put off listening to me in favor of Barro, Engerman, Glaeser, and so on, but that's just the measure of the quality discussion that exists in the Econtalk archive.

Econtalk has been nominated for the 2006 Weblog Awards, a richly deserved recognition. Right now Russ is nipping on the heels of second place in the competition, and with a push from readers of The Sports Economist, he could make it all the way to the top. I urge you to go to the awards page and vote for Econtalk, and also to listen to the great content that Russ has put together over the past year. Voting ends today, so get your vote in now!