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Sports Technology

Sports Technology is a new journal published by Wiley-Blackwell. The first issue is due out in February.

From the press release:

The inaugural issue of Sports Technology highlights a number of topics that are not only cutting-edge but also pertinent to the sporting community- such as the science and technology behind the Tour golf balls, a review of tennis ball aerodynamics, a research article on new sophisticated performance analysis in alpine skiing, the design of high performance running shoes, the shock absorption properties of artificial turf surfaces; as well as an article on how sportsmen may leverage on video technology to improve their athletic performance.

Co-editor of Sports Technology, Professor Franz Konstantin Fuss of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, added, “Sports is a multi-billion dollar business with stakeholders of different backgrounds: an interdisciplinary journal targeted at the technology of sports equipment and related to the sporting goods market is long overdue.”

Technological change is a powerful force in the economy, and in sports as well. I don't know if the pace of change is quick enough to produce a quarterly journal indefinitely, but there is surely a backlog of topics worth covering for a while.