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St. Louis redevelopment?

From John Brattain's Pujols Awards column in The Hardball Times:

(Submitted by Ryan Buck)

I'd like to nominate the St. Louis Cardinals, the City of St. Louis, the Cordish Company, and the Centene Corporation for a Luis. The New Busch Stadium is entering its third season and still no progress has been made on the much-promised Ballpark Village. In fact, the proposed plan completely fell apart today. So instead of a multi-million dollar urban redevelopment it looks like St. Louis will have to put up with a vacant lot (filled with weeds and a murky rainwater pond, fittingly referred to as Lake DeWitt) for a little while longer. If you're not familiar with our eyesore over the leftfield wall you will certainly have the chance to get acquainted during next year's All-Star Game.

Brattain's commentary:

Wow … a ball team reneging on agreements made in securing a new ballpark? Who knew? Ryan is bang on, though—MLB is like the Casanova trying to get into a girl’s knickers. He’ll promise anything but once the deed is done don’t expect your calls to be returned—and never expect child support.

I've been traveling and have been short on blog time. Does anyone know about this?

Update: Pete Toms discusses the issue at The Biz of Baseball, with lots of links to stories in the St. Louis press.