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Stadiums and Super Bowls

There is slight hint of political strategy in this trail of evidence, don't you think?

The last two Super Bowls were played in new stadiums, in Houston and in Jacksonville, Fla., and two of the next three, in Detroit and in Glendale, Ariz., will be in new facilities.

The story reports that NFL owners are expected to award the 2010 Super Bowl to New York, on the condition that the proposed stadium for the Jets is operational by the 2009 season. The story also states that the Jets have offered $100m for the development rights above the West Manhattan railyards, where they would build the stadium. But two other bidders for these rights have emerged, one at $600m (Cablevision) and another at $700m (TransGas). These bidders apparently believe the property is more valuable as a site for office buildings and residences. Hmmmm.

Could the mirage of "economic impact" lure New York City into selling these rights for 1/7 of their market value? The NFL appears to be highly skilled in such endeavors. Stay tuned.