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Steinbrenner's no Deaniac

You won't find much political content here, but I can't resist this one. Apparently, George Steinbrenner put $100,000 into a negative ad campaign against Howard Dean in the Democratic primaries. I wonder if he funds projects which torpedo opposing ballclubs? Wouldn't put it past him. Link via instapundit.

Update: Old Fishing Hat directed me to Offwing Opinion, who presents a more nuanced version of this news. Might have been Steinbrenner, might have been the CEO of YES, who is known to be a donor to the Dems.

I'm very impressed with Offwing's stuff. I see from the reviews there that everyone else is too. Where have I been?

Now to crawl back under my academic rock. Most folks refer to our affliction as the Ivory Tower, but regardless, we don't get out as much as we should.