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Super Bowl tax receipts

John Gallagher provides the numbers in the the Detroit Free Press:

New figures released by the Michigan Department of Treasury show that the state's sales tax receipts for February and March -- the two months when most Super Bowl-related sales would have been reported -- were up just 2% over the year before.

That 2% statewide gain -- representing about $20 million more in sales tax revenue on a base of almost $1 billion -- could be too negligible to draw any conclusions about its source, because it came from throughout the state.

Meanwhile, statewide use-tax revenues levied on hotels were up less than 0.5% for February and March.

A Detroit-area convention facility tax, which essentially is a hotel tax for the tri-county area, showed a 70% jump in February. But even that increase represented less than $1 million in net new tax revenue.

Terry Stanton, a spokesman for the Treasury Department, said detecting Super Bowl impacts in the tax figures would be difficult. Tax receipts can be volatile from month to month and subject to timing issues regarding filing dates and times.

This is consistent with prior evidence, although the 70% gain in hotel related taxes is novel, and illustrates the consequence of shifting the game to a cold-weather city. Thanks to Jason Winfree - who was there on game day and "spent about $10 for lunch" - for the link.