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Surowiecki on Woods

In the New Yorker, James Surowiecki examines the impact on endorsement income of the Tiger Woods scandal. "Branded a Cheat" is the clever title. Surowiecki's view is consistent with the "big impact" scenario discussed by Brian here last week. It makes sense given the enormity of Tiger's image and the revelations to date. Surowiecki has more discussion of the issue here, perceptive as usual.

Darren Rovell has some good analysis on the costs and benefits to different companies of dropping or staying with Tiger. Nike is not in the same position, for example, as Accenture, the first major deal to implode. Interestingly, Rovell also noted the betting odds offered by Irish Bookmaker Paddy Power, which had Accenture as 9-4 favorite to be the first to drop Tiger. The Wisdom of Crowds strikes again!