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Taxation run amuck

Cactus League Edition:

Spring training may have a $30 million economic impact in the Tucson area. But taxes from those visitors aren't enough to pay for stadium improvements, a group of business leaders told the Pima County Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

So to keep spring training from leaving, the community needs to pay an extra half-cent sales tax on restaurants and "amusements," like movies, theater and concert tickets, bowling, billiards, carnivals, fairs and other sporting events, and not just rely on tourist items like hotels and rental cars. The group, calling itself Bases Loaded Tucson, has prepared draft legislation calling for creation of a regional authority empowered to impose those taxes.

This is nuts! If the impact is so great, then cover your costs at the source: the gate to the damned stadium. If fans are not willing to pay for stadium improvements, the improvements are not worth it. Don't push these costs onto the back of the local bowling league.