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That was quick

Who caved? Based on this morning's top story in the Washington Post, it looks like Ms. Cropp caved big time:

D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams and Council Chairman Linda W. Cropp said last night that they had reached agreement on a stadium financing package that would satisfy Major League Baseball by guaranteeing construction of a permanent home for the Washington Nationals along the Anacostia waterfront.

Under the new proposal, which the 13-member council is to vote on today, the city will purchase insurance for potential cost overruns on the stadium and split the payments with Major League Baseball. Also, District officials will continue pursuing private financing for the project for several months. But Cropp said she will drop a requirement that 50 percent of the construction costs be paid for with private money.

Bizarre. The story suggests that the DC council will sign an agreement with MLB nearly identical to that negotiated by Mayor Williams. As for private financing, Ms. Cropp will walk around town with a tin cup and see what the private sector will donate to the cause. That doesn't breed confidence.

Or maybe Ms. Cropp will run for chief meter maid. Tony Kornheiser could have some more fun with that. When it comes to a farce, it's time to read a good comic.

Update: I agree with much of what Sally Jenkins says in this piece - I even agree with the letter Ralph Nader wrote to Bud Selig! But she paints Ms. Cropp as Joan of Arc, somehow ignoring the fact that for all the drama, the deal with MLB will be about the same as what was on the table last Tuesday. Sally Jenkins has been duped, along with a chunk of the district's voters. Chalk one up for the politicians.