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The All American Football League

Next spring, an 8 team football league will play a 14 game schedule at various college campuses. The teams will apparently be stocked with players from the Big 10, ACC, and SEC, players who have graduated but not been drafted.

So it is a minor league, of sorts. It will be unitized, in that both players and coaches will be employed by the league and not the teams. The founders, which include former college presidents and athletic directors from prominent institutions, apparently know all too well the salary savings generated by reducing competition for labor between teams.

The league will attempt to fill a niche in the market -- it obviously bridges the talent gap between the NCAA and NFL, and will use unexploited stadium capacity. I predict that there will be teams in football-mad Georgia and South Carolina, but in which towns? Clemson or Columbia? Atlanta or Athens? Interesting choices. Steve Weiberg has the story; and Doug Drinen discusses it at There may be more out there by now as Weiberg states an announcement is pending, but I'm on dial-up at a Cape where there are tarpon. If someone can hunt down some more information that would be great. Later!