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The beautiful game returns

Arsenal have come roaring out of the blocks in the English Premier League, and are set to break Nottingham Forest's record unbeaten run of 42 straight games against Blackburn on Wednesday. Although the Blackburn match won't be televised in the States, you can get a taste of fluent offensive football played to perfection that night, as Arsenal's 5-3 victory over Middlesborough will be replayed on Fox Sports World at 11pm. Henry Winter's account from Monday's Telegraph will whet your appetite.

In "Age cannot wither the subtle art of a Dutch master," Kevin McCarra sings the praises of Dennis Bergkamp. Bergkamp, architect of Arsenal's best moves in the season to date, is an enigma that creates sensational moments of magic. McCarra describes some of the best from recent years, including one memorable bit of voodoo against Newcastle. I agree with him that fans should enjoy the moment while it lasts. We may not see the likes of Bergkamp in his current form for a long time to come.