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The cards are getting ridiculous

Korea vs. France, 86 or 87th minute, tie game. Great save by the Korean keeper on Henry, who was put through by Zidane. Zidane is lurking for a rebound, and the Korean #2 deliberately steps in front of the onrushing Zidane. Zidane is booked, and will miss Friday's critical match vs. Togo. Totally ridiculous. The French have already been denied a legitimate goal, and we may have seen the last of Zidane. Nice one, FIFA**, nice one, referee.

**In the unlikely event that you care, but don't know this, a note: FIFA have instructed the referees to tighten up,and give more cards. Franz Beckenbauer has reportedly spoken out against the rash of cards, trying to return the game to a sense of normalcy. But both yesterday's and today's late games showed how card-happy referees can ruin a tournament.