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The NFL and the Government Trough

Fall is the time for young men to battle on the gridiron, and for pigskins to fly through the air. It's a tremendous athletic spectacle. But there's another porcine angle to this feast of sport: the image of NFL owners as a bunch of hogs, lined up at the public feeding trough and gobbling up tax exemptions, stadium subsidies, and special legal treatment. These activities are well chronicled in Gregg Easterbrook's piece in the October issue of The Altantic.

Easterbrook presents a several facts that are new to me, among riffs on familiar topics like stadium subsidies. It's a good compendium of the ways in which public funds are lavished on the NFL, and other leagues as well. The story is written in a voice which asks "how can this stupid stuff -- much of it involving transfers from regular citizens to billionaire owners -- continue to go on?" The simplistic but correct answer is that it will continue to take place until political conditions change in a way which makes these transfers sufficiently unpopular. The recent stadium subsidy scorecard suggests that day may yet be a long way off.