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The psychology of winning

This story in the NY Times chronicles the use of psychological tests by the NFL and others when considering whether to draft or sign players. Some interesting tidbits:

--Dr. Herbert Greenberg has been at it for 43 years, and his firm Caliper now generates $22 million in revenue each year from testing.

--Greenberg's concept: "The qualities we study in athletes are self-discipline, competitiveness and a positive sense of one's self. Those are the qualities that make up what we call the psychology of a winner."

--Good calls: Wayne Chrebet of the Jets (green light with enthusiasm), & the ill fated Lawrence Phillips (red light).

--Do-over? Chris Bosh (red light), who just completed a successful rookie season.

--What motivated Greenberg to start his business? Greenberg "was denied numerous jobs in his younger years because he was blind. Upset that people like him did not have 'the opportunity to make the best of what they are,' he devised a method to help personnel managers spot talent." Looks to me like Greenberg's a winner!