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The revenge of children

Hugh at Three Bed Two Bath posted this interesting take on the D.C. fiasco:

When I was but a slip of a boy, my mother, as I remember, used to volunteer me for things along the lines of

"Yes, Mrs. Smith, Hugh would love to help you weed your garden."

Needless to say, I was of a somewhat differing opinion, and tried my darndest to get out of it. I usually wouldn't (get out of it, that is). But I knew that someday I'd be able to make my own decisions over who [whom?] I helped.

Substitute D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams for my mother, and the D.C. City Council for me, and the day has finally arrived.

For a sympathetic view of Mr. Selig and Co., read Greg at the Sports Law Blog. If MLB had not held an auction for public funds, the impact being a near dollar for dollar increase in the value of the franchise, I would agree with him. As it stands, I find Hugh's analogy to Mrs. Smith more compelling.