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The rich get richer

Jerry Jones got the Arlington voters to fork over the subsidy for the Cowboys' stadium. Craig Depkin has a number of interesting posts on this at Heavy Lifting. If you haven't been there yet, just go to the main blog and check out the lot of them.

Greg Skidmore at the Sports Law Blog discusses the Cowboys' vote and other ballot issues tied to sports. Greg states that he's "sure this is not sitting well" with me. Well, it does offset the joy flowing from South Carolina's elimination of the "minibottle clause" from the constitution. But not much. As for Craig, it hits him in the wallet, so any sympathy should be directed to him. His Tiebout reference does suggest that he might be voting next with his feet.

The main impact of stadium subsidies is to transfer money out of the pockets of people like Craig and into the bank accounts of people like Jerry Jones. Every thing else is a second order effect. To quote the infamous Earl Pitts, Wake up America!