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The week in golf

The news everyone knows:  Todd Hamilton won the British Open playing "ugly golf," using his good sense and good short game to outlast Els and Mickelson.  On this side of the pond, Jonathan Byrd completed his comeback from hip surgery to record a front-running victory, under pressure all the way, to win the BC Classic.

You may not have heard about Jeff Julian, who died of complications from ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease - last Thursday. Bob Gillespie tells Jeff's story in The State, and tells it well.  Like Jonathan, Jeff played golf at Clemson (1979-81), but wasn't quite good enough to compete in the tournaments. He kept trying though, and eventually made his way to the big show. You may recall some of the moments described in the story. Golf can be brutal at times, but it can also be beautiful and inspiring. Gillespie's article reminds us of that.

Jeff founded Driving 4 Life with Bruce Edwards, Tom Watson's caddy, and Watson himself. Edwards' life was claimed by the same disease on the first day of the Masters earlier this year. Driving 4 Life raises funds for research to fight ALS. Here's hoping that a bounce or two goes their way in the next few years.