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The World Cup & economic activity

How's this for economic impact?

A German city is rushing to install a series of drive-in wooden "sex garages" in time for next year's Soccer World Cup and an expected boom in the local sex trade, a city official said on Wednesday.

Dortmund, one of 12 cities to host World Cup matches, is anxious to keep prostitutes and their clients off the streets by providing them with discreet places to do business.

Experts estimate as many as 40,000 prostitutes may travel to Germany to offer their services to fans during the tournament.

Drive-in sex garages... there's no limit to the wonders of specialization.

Update: I just noticed that co-blogger Phil Miller posted on the same news at Market Power earlier. I came across the story while reading the account of the US team's victory over Panama at Soccernet, and I was put onto Phil's post by the most valuable Economics Roundtable. It's a small world. I'm compelled to add that this information decreases my demand (slightly) to follow Sam's Army to Germany, although I'm still willing to accept free tickets.