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This is nuts

From the Albuquerque Tribune:

Studying whether New Mexico could lure an NFL team should cost no more than $400,000, but the state has earmarked $500,000 for it.

A football team could prove an economic gold mine, says Gov. Bill Richardson, who's expected to fly to Mexico today to test regional interest in the idea....Richardson said the money will be well spent.

He can't be serious!

"Attracting the NFL franchise to New Mexico is a huge economic development opportunity that could create good jobs and new opportunities for business in our state," the governor said. ..."We clearly are not ready today to host an NFL team, but we could be in five years," the governor said. "If we are going to accomplish this ambitious goal, we need a clear road map, with clear objectives."

I thought Richardson was a political player with cojones, but this makes him look like Don Quijote.