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Time for madness?

There's been far too much already. One can understand the elation of Washington's students as their Huskies knocked off unbeaten, #1 Stanford last Saturday after years of woeful results. But rushing the court is now commonplace, and dangerous. An Arizona high school player suffered a broken jaw and a stroke when mobbed by his "celebrating" fellow students. Not a nice way to treat your hero.

Fortunately, college basketball is entering the tournament phase, so home crowds packed with maniac students won't return until next year. Greg at the Sports Law Blog thinks like I do on this one, and argues that schools had better take action before they get smacked with a lawsuit.

I'm glad we've seen the last cheering section full of pogo sticks for the year. That stuff grates me just like the Besiktas whistles (see the bottom of my European racism post). I'll take the sport without the madness, please.