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Tree hugging in Berkeley

I recall the Cal-Tennessee football game last year, a tasty inter-sectional contest, with a bit of NoCal spice thrown in: tree sitters, among them someone named "Running Wolf". The tree sitters, their bodies and camping equipment visible above the top of the stadium, were protesting Cal's plans to build a training center in "Oak Grove." The issue is back in the news:

Even after more than 50 emotionally wrought people begged and pleaded with the City Council to appeal a judge's recent ruling that will allow UC Berkeley to start building its sports training center, the council refused to move forward with such a motion.

"We deadlocked," Mayor Tom Bates said after the closed-session meeting. "We did not have (the needed) five votes to file an appeal."

The city of Berkeley, the Panoramic Hill Association and the California Oaks Foundation sued UC Berkeley in December 2006 to stop it from building its $140 million sports training center, where 44 trees are planted. People have been living in the trees since then, and four tree-sitters remain.

Judge Barbara Miller ruled in Cal's favor this week, lifting a stop-work order that has been in place for 18 months. That means on Tuesday the order will be lifted unless the appeals court grants a continuation of the injunction. When the injunction is lifted, Cal can legally remove the trees and start construction.

The issue is coming to a head. I imagine that Cal would like to have it sorted prior to football season. Here's more:

What will happen Tuesday if an appeals court does not grant a continuation to the injunction is not known. Cal could go in and extract the four remaining tree-sitters and take chain saws to the trees. Until then, they will allow one bag of food and water to go up daily. UC police cut off food supplies from ground supporters last month and started sending up a 2,400-calorie diet of energy bars. Late Wednesday, UC Police agreed to allow ground supporters to send up one bag of food daily as long as tree-sitters abide by certain conditions, including sending down their waste daily.