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TV channels a la carte?

Momentum is building to force cable and satellite companies to offer a la carte pricing on a per channel basis. My initial reaction is that this is nuts. If the problem is one of monopoly, then you'll get monopoly results whether you price by the bundle or by the unit - a la carte pricing doesn't address the monopoly element itself. When it comes to premium channels, we already have a both methods of pricing - would you like HBO or TMC or both? The vast majority of people who want stripped down service can generally order a basic package for under $20 per month, or put an antenna on their roof if they wish and watch broadcast TV at zero marginal cost. Few do. Those who are complaining want much more than that from television. They may wish they were spending less money on it, but I have my doubts they would if they got the pricing method they're asking for. USA Today has the story.