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Ultimate fighting anyone?

There is a buzz in some quarters about ultimate fighting, specifically the UFC organization. Bill Syken reports that matches are selling out in Vegas, with promoters scrambling to provide "auxiliary viewing sights." This AP story from last week has plenty of other facts to chew on.

Josh Hendrickson alerted me to this. Josh and others argue that the public image of the sport as lawless and life-threatening lags the reality of what has become a well organized and closely monitored competition, thanks to UFC.

I've argued before (see the interview with Aaron Steelman) that the public's taste for boxing decreased due to corruption and poor organization, as much as a simple turn away from fighting as sport. Suppose that UFC is supplying the necessary organizational capital for the sport for the first time, and that I'm right about the decline in the interest of boxing. If so, that combination implies that ultimate fighting could rise from a blip on the sports radar to a real commercial entity. How far that takes it is anyone's guess, but I wouldn't mind being a shareholder in UFC right now.

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